What kind of cities do we and our future generations wish to live in?

What are the values of the next generation that guide our cities forward?

How can we cooperate better to counter climate change?

Student workshop facilitators will be a significant part of our team who will assure the smooth conference operation, while at the same time bring us fresh thoughts, vigor and vitality. You will have chance to discuss your ideal image of a future city and ways to make it happen with many EU decision makers. Check our workshop themes below. Join us, practice your facilitating skills and make your voice heard!

The Eurocities 2022 Espoo conference is not only about bold ideas, ambitions for the cities of the future, but also about tools helping us to get there.

Espoo 2022 will open a new window to dream, act and lead the future together!

“Co-creation is the key to build a sustainable future in cities. In Espoo, we will learn from each other how to build a culture of trust in cities and share the best tools for co-creation. We will find a way to turn our dreams into action for a bright future for cities and their citizens”    –  Jukka Mäkelä, mayor of Espoo. 

What's in for you?


Put facilitating skills and tools you just learned into practice and make some real impact!


Hundreds of European city leaders and a significant number of EU decision-makers and officials will join. Time to network and make your voice heard!


We issue certificates to all student facilitators to acknowledge their contribution. Perfect for those who want some valuable experiences aside studies.

What is it about?

Aiming to find concrete solutions for challenges we are facing,  4 parallel co-creation workshops will be organised in 4 different themes. We will collect challenge suggestions from city representatives, companies and R&D organisations. For more details of the conference schedule and programs, please click here!

Workshop facilitators will be working with us to ensure the smooth running of the co-creation workshops. More details and instructions will be provided later on. Sign up fast so you don’t miss anything important! Each facilitator may participate 1 workshop based on interest. Information about workshop themes are introduced below.

Why join us?

  • Hear the sustainability challenges of other cities and share experiences and solutions
  • Take part in co-creating new concepts and solutions for a sustainable city
  • Take home new contacts, and development and implementation plans for the concepts to spread the ideas in your city.
  • Have the development and implementation plan for your challenge further developed in the Eurocities Innovation working group (part of the Eurocities Economic Development Forum)

To whom is this for?

All degree students from Aalto and other Finnish university/UAS are all welcome!

Workshop facilitator is an ideal role for people who are not satisfied with leaving ideas on paper, but rather creating development & implementation plans to ensure ideas will take on and live beyond the meeting room walls!


There will be 4 main co-creation workshops, plus 1 SDGs (sustainable development goals) workshop held in different locations at the same time. Workshop facilitators can choose their preference based on interest when signing up. 

Co-creation Workshop themes in brief:

  • New European Bauhaus – Co-creating inclusive, aesthetic and sustainable cities
  • Economic sustainability – Co-creating sustainable growth in cities
  • Social sustainability – Co-creating inclusive cities for all
  • Cultural sustainability – Co-creating innovative and creative cities
  • SDGs as strategic tool – Co-creating a dialogue-based process

Economic sustainability

  • What challenges need to be solved to create economic sustainability in the city?
  • How are growth aspiring ecosystems, living labs and innovation platforms created, developed and maintained?
  • How to solve the mismatch of the skills of the workforce and the needs of the growing industries?
  • How to attract and retain talent? 
* This workshop is co-created with VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd.

Social sustainability

  • How to create a city where all citizens can fulfil their potential, and enjoy community?
  • How to create inclusive cities for and with youth, newcomers, or minorities?
  • What we learned from the pandemic and how to create more inclusive European cities?

Cultural sustainability

  • How to enable and use the creativity and innovation of citizens in designing a future-proof city?
  • How to co-create an innovative and creative city? How to mainstream creativity and innovation in cities and city administrations?
  • How to tap into the cross-sectoral power of culture?

New European Bauhaus

The workshop will focus on challenges of bridging the European Green Deal to our daily lives and living spaces, and taking residents on board in creating safe, beautiful and sustainable urban spaces. 

  • What does it take to bring citizens, businesses, and institutions together to reimagine sustainable living in our cities? 
  • How can we build together a sustainable and inclusive future and address complex societal problems?
  • How can the New European Bauhaus transform not only our cities, but also our thinking/actions/daily living? 
* This workshop is co-created with Metropolia University of applied Sciences, an official NEB partner.

SDGs as strategic tool

The workshop aims to present a dialogue-based analyses process, which explains how someone’s work in each local context relates to and advances the SDGs.

* This workshop is organised as a collaboration between the six largest cities in Finland.

Want to know more?

For more information regarding the conference programme and workshops, please click through here