Paradigms in Organizational Reality

To understand organizational change, it is important to first understand the lenses we see the world through. We all have unique lenses to interpret and make sense of the things around us, namely organizations. But how do we see and interpret the organizational reality? And are there any theories behind this thinking?


  1. Being aware of our own lenses
  2. Aspects of organizational reality
  3. Further readings

The lecture slides for all the videos in this chapter can be downloaded from here.

1. Being aware of our own lenses

In the first part of the lecture Jari explains how we should be aware of our own lenses. In other words, how do we see and interpret the world around us. 


2. Aspects of organizational reality

Without a concept or a theory, the data we collect doesn’t make sense to us. In the second part, Jari explains the different ways organizations can be seen, covering aspects of the organizational theory. Those aspects are the building blocks we use to build our own organizational reality.


Further readings

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