Extra chapter:

Free tools on Facilitation, Leadership, and Transformation

Here is a collection of tools and other resources from our partners here in Finland (i.e., organisations we work with). Due to the corona pandemic and the restrictions we all face changes in our organisations, business, ways of working, and company culture. Here are free resources from leading organisations & experts in Finland.

YLE Lean Culture Toolkit

The Finnish national broadcasting company YLE has been a frontrunner in Finland when it comes to large corporations changing their company culture. In addition, YLE has been very active in sharing its experiences and tools. Here is their public and broad toolkit for creating an agile, lean and customer-centric work culture: Suomeksi , in English & på svenska.

YLE Lean Culture videos

YLE has also an annual event on the topic of “Lean culture”. All the previous events’ talks are freely available at YLE Areena (few talks also in English). And here are YLE’s continuous talks called “Agile Demos”.

Vincit & Leadership as a Service (LaaS)

Vincit is a Finnish company that has a long history of sharing its successful leadership practices and company culture. To help Finnish companies through this crisis Vincit is sharing its Leadership as a Service for free for SMEs.

Futurice & Lean Service Creation

Futurice is one of the leading “new school” design & development agencies in Finland and Europe. Futurice has crafted the Lean Service Creationdesign, agile, and lean toolkit with a handbook. It is 100% free and provides simple canvases for a typical business design or innovation project. Also, it has tools for building a working team with its own routines and practices. Much of the examples I used in the lectures come from creating and using this toolkit. Have also a look at the introduction videos.

Nitor & Kamu peer support framework

Is another front-runner consultancy doing high quality software and design. Like practically all our partners here, they are also breaking ground on building the future of work and work cultures. Here’s their Kamu peer support framework for hierarchy-free work environments. Have also a look at Nitor’s Maarit Laanti’s paper on agile transformation models for large software organisations.

Solita — Working culture & Exceptional times

Solita is another Finnish company creating impact that lasts by combining tech, data and human insight. Solita is pioneering in creating company cultures that are ethical and competitive. They have a set of webinars that are worth watching:

Columbia Road & Digital Sales

Although digital sales or growth hacking might not sound like organisational change, both of them actually put huge pressure on transforming organisational structures (and mindsets). Columbia Road has published tools and handbooks for free and they all nicely take into account the underlying pressure for a change. Well worth checking out as one of things rising amid the corona crisis is digital sales:

Handbook for Transformation Leadership by Aalto University.

This free handbook is only in Finnish. It is the results of three workshops together with Finnish executives and experts on what future skills, structures and change is required in large organisations and leadership. The book is also available as an audio book.

Handbook for better work by Filosofian Akatemia.

This is another hugely relevant guidebook “Paremman työn opas” (in Finnish) for better work environments by Filosofian Akatemia, a coaching research consultancy here in Finland.

P.S. Where can you study stuff like this? Informaatioverkostot.fi, of course 🙂 Or check out the live course in the spring